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Cavoodle Puppies
Welcome to Tawoodles
Every Cavoodle Puppy born into the Tawoodles family has had Australians in awe of their Beauty. The Quality of our Puppies is well-regarded and appreciated by all, as we endeavour to give you the Perfect Family Dog. We are proud to share with you our Cavoodle Puppies that will forever be Cherished and Loved by all!

Past Puppies by Co Co & Harley

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Past Puppies by Ruby & Harley

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Cavoodle Puppies by
Co Co & Harley

Puppies were born: 29th March 2015

** All Puppies are Sold **

Cavoodle Puppies by
Ruby & Harley

Puppies were born: 10th May 2015

** All Puppies are on hold **

Why choose Tawoodles for your New Cavoodle:

All Cavoodle Puppies coming from Tawoodles have a Non Shedding and Hypo-allergenic Coat.

All Puppies bred by us will have a Sweet disposition & a fun Loving Nature.

All Cavoodle Puppies for sale at Tawoodles will have very Sound health, Great looks, Intelligence and No genetic defects...

Every Puppy will be:

Vet Checked

Tawoodles Dedication

During puppy's weaning process, which starts from 4 weeks of age. Puppies eat well and grow nicely.

We endeavour to make sure your Puppy is at it's peak healthwise in every stage of its early puppy life.

We are dedicated to prepare your Puppy for its new family life and toilet training on grass is part of the package.

We give every new owner a How to care for your puppy information booklet. A step by step guideline to keep your puppy happy & healthy.

At Tawoodles our aim is to ensure that you & your puppy are happy!


Cavoodle Breeder

Cavoodle Puppies

Cavoodle Breeder Melb

Cavoodle Breeder

Cavoodle Puppies


Cavoodle Puppies for sale

Cavoodle Breeder

Cavoodle Breeder Melbourne

Cavoodle Puppies for sale

Cavoodle Puppies


"Tawoodles is a Melbourne based Cavoodle Breeder, offering Quality Cavoodle Puppies that are
Sweet Natured, Fun Loving and have all round Sound Health. Cavoodle Puppies for sale"



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